5 Minutes with Dipali Patwa

It’s time for the second installment of our series, “5 Minutes With…,” where we ask the important questions (plus some fun ones, too) to cool people who want to change the world. This week we’re joined by Dipali Patwa, Group Head Of Brand & Community at Fabindia. Read on for the full Q&A, and check this space every other week for a new guest.

What have you had enough of?

Greenwashing, industry jargon, hypocrisy of culture & society

What makes you feel calm?

Music, nature, meditation

Why do you do your day job?

When you start counting backwards as you realize the limited time you have left on this planet to make an impact with our actions, to do the things we love, to affect meaningful efforts towards a purpose… that’s what keeps me going.

How would you describe yourself in a few words?

Smart, creative, collaborative, hard working, kind, but do not take me for granted.

What did you learn in the pandemic?

Patience and that change, however painful, is necessary.

What do you think the world will look like in 20 years time? Same/Different?

I wish I had a magic wand, then I would try to turn back the time by about three years :). But considering what we as humans have experienced in the last year with this global pandemic, my hope is that we all have learnt something in the process. So if you don’t adapt, if we don’t change, if we don’t evolve, then that’s on us! My hope is that in 20 years time, we will have many more learnings and the world as it gets smaller through technology will also be richer through appreciation of humans as a collective race.

What’s the one thing we have to get rid of as a society?

Fear, hypocrisy, class and bad politics

What’s the one thing we need to incorporate as a society?

Collective collaboration, valuing our differences, health and wellness

What’s been your favorite trip to date? Why?

I have had so many beautiful experiences, [it’s] hard to pick one. I try to make the most of my travel, taking in the surroundings, the people, the culture, the food – there is so much to learn and enjoy in this life, on this planet

What do you like to read/listen to?

A friend suggested the book Untamed by Glennon Doyle so that is next on my list. I LOVE MUSIC – all genres. But lately [I’m] feeling a bit nostalgic and listening to old Hindi love songs, mixed in with some Sting, Shakira, Shaggy, Blackwave and Jason Mraz.

What is your definition of happiness?

I don’t have one. I try to experience it in little things of everyday life.

What does change look like to you?


Dipali Patwa is the Group Head Of Brand & Community at Fabindia.

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