Enough. is a podcast and newsletter (sign up here) that celebrates people who are tackling our broken systems and trying to make the world better. It was created by Erin Allweiss and Melody Serafino, the founders of No. 29—an agency that amplifies the brands and people who are transforming how we design, engage, coexist, and consume. The Enough. podcast is produced by Christopher Olin, and the newsletter is written by environmental journalist Esha Chhabra.

Enough was conceived on the back of a bus, riding out of the Amazon. We had gone to see the work of rubber tappers who were building an alternative economy to cattle — the moneymaker in the region. Natural rubber harvested from trees indigenous to the state of Acre in Brazil was giving these men and women a livelihood comparable, if not better, to beef. They had had enough of the deforestation, enough of the capitalistic greed, enough of the colonization of global ag empires. They were fighting back — with nature and with a solution.

Enough. editor Esha and Erin leaving the Amazon.

What a revelation.

In an era of excess, of CEOs making tenfold (or more) more than their employees, of debauchery of our ecosystems, of ego trips by the power-hungry, we asked ourselves one fundamental question: How much is enough?

In the Amazon with VEJA. Slow Factory’s Céline Semaan, the first podcast guest, is top row center.

From that emerged a series of questions: How much wealth does one human being need? How much damage can industry do to our planet shamelessly? How much can those in power neglect those who are vulnerable?

And one fundamental question: How much are we—as consumers and citzens —willing to accept it all?

Turns out, we’ve had enough.

And so have others — business leaders, farmers, scientists, political leaders and those across industries who are challenging the status quo. But their stories are often lost in the abyss of daily politics, corporate scandals, and Wall Street swings.

That’s why we started Enough. to build a storytelling platform that celebrates viable solutions to the inequities of today, that challenges our understanding of business, and that shifts the emphasis to voices less heard. We call these changemakers our North Star examples, because they can help us dismantle a broken system and rebuild it with humility, compassion, and generosity.

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