#11 / MacKenzie Fegan

Enough Racism in Farming

The USDA has a program for ‘socially disadvantaged farmers.’ But does it honor it? Meet a woman challenging that system.
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Q&A / Nikhil Arora

5 Minutes with Nikhil Arora

Welcome to our series "5 Minutes With...," where we ask the important questions (plus some fun ones, too) to cool people who want to change the world.
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#10 / Rosie Spinks

Enough Overwork

In the pandemic, some people slowed down enough for the first time to wonder if the work they were doing was actually worth the lifestyle it afforded them. Is it?
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#9 : Lidija Pisker

Enough Far-Flung Veg

43-year-old environmental activist Alfredo Gagliardi from Rome takes his shopping cart and goes out for a regular weekly food supply. But he’s not going to a supermarket.
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#8: Julia Travers

Enough Food Waste

This Pacific Northwest nonprofit has delivered more than 3,000,000 pounds of produce to families in need since the beginning of the pandemic -- and it’s not stopping.
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#7: Sarita Santoshini

Enough Heat

2019 was one of the warmest years on record, and India suffered one of its longest heat waves in recent history with temperatures rising above 50 Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) in some parts. See how some women are finding inventive, local solutions to deal with this sweltering heat.
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